About me


29 years old Brazilian woman, certified makeup artist, living in Sydney since 2018. I  was a nurse when I realized that I am a beauty&makeup lover and that it was what I would like to work with.

Since then, I started studying about makeup and applying makeup in my friends and family. After that, I started to work as a freelance makeup artist and I have been challenging myself, building a career in an area where I am obsessed with.

I've done a Diploma of Screen and Media (makeup specialist) and I work with formal, glam, bridal and special effects makeup.

I believe every single woman has a different beauty and as a makeup artist, I am here just for reaffirm it to make them look even more beautiful, comfortable and confident with what they are and what they can see in a mirror. 

🏆Published Makeup Artist in Vertiqlè Magazine November/2019 edition.

🏆Published Makeup Artist in Elléments Magazine March/2020 edition.